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International Derma Spa

Houston's International Derma Spa is a great place to visit with all the luxurious treatments it offers. To accommodate your busy schedule, this spa offers an appointment-only policy. With so many refreshing services and quality amenities, International Derma Spa truly is the spa that has it all.


2015-E W. Gray
Houston, TX 77019
phone(713) 520-9898

Are you intersted in leasing a space?

Contact Us

Leasing Information

  • Ali Runkel

    Director of Real Estate

    (713) 868-6550

  • Jenny Westbrook

    Director, Specialty Leasing, Florida/SW

    (704) 362-6124


Shoppers & Tenants

  • Christa Kremer

    Director of Marketing

    (713) 868-6506

  • Sequoya Nelson

    Regional Director, Property Management

    (281) 715-9763


W Gray St. & Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX 77019